Environmental and Health & Safety Policy:

Due to our high standards we provide safety for the people living in our region. We do not only practice preventative ecology but also the compliance of all relevant obligations are a matter of course for our company – such as governmental and other requirements with legal effects. As volunteer obligation the MPM is accredited in the range of environmental protection (DIN EN ISO 14001:2015), in the range of health & safety (OHSAS 18001:2007) and in the range of energy management (ISO 50001:2011).

Our management is obliged to make resources and information for necessary arrangements and objectives available and to support the requirements of the management systems in environmental protection, health & safety and energy.

It is our common ambition to improve the efficiency of our environmental, health & safety and energy management system continuously and sustainable. Active environmental protection, health & safety and sustainable use of energy are important targets for our managerial functions.

In order to avoid environmental damages we want to ensure our identification with nature and all corresponding aspects by accepting and controlling them in our daily work. By means of selected training courses and information we motivate our staff to responsible activities.

We act by setting targets for the defined processes in our handbook. Once a year the management checks the extent to which the targets have been reached in order to optimize our processes and keep the contamination of men and environment as little as possible.

By means of regular reviews of our management systems we commit ourselves to guarantee a steady development.

Even before the implementation of new production processes we determine the resulting demand of energy, environmental effects and aspects of health & safety. Buying the best available technology and using the most energy efficient constructions we improve the energy-related capacities and also reduce the environmental effects, the danger of accidents as well as greenhouse gas to a Minimum.

With respect to the demand of processes the responsible use of energy is analysed by a broad and continuous collection of energy carrier data to detect saving potentials. The resulting activities guarantee an economical and ecological sustained energy effort.

Our clients and service providers are involved in our management systems. Partners are urged to environmental friendly behavior within the scope of contractual agreement. Accredited service providers and clients are treated preferentially by placement of order.

In this context we are searching an open dialogue about the current topics.
This policy is communicated throughout our company and all members of staff and service providers are challenged to contribute to a continuous development / Improvement and its implementation. Our policy is being checked at regular intervals and is adapted to the changing requirements. Our policy is open to public and can be asked for if required.

Gittelde, July 2018

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