Driving pleasure for a good purpose

To make it clearly in advance: We either run a commercial cart rental service nor do we have any commercial interest.

Initially, there  was the idea of combining our own amusement with a charitable campaign. The result was the donation-cart of Gittelde in cooperation with the Autohaus Peter in Osterode.

All donations will be completely transferred to social institutions in our district!

Cart-feeling for the road

The F-cart 100 (model and registration date from 2008) is officially TÜV-approved for road service and is traffic rule compliant, even for motor-ways.

It is equipped with light, turn indicator, signal-horn etc. and it offers with its low center of gravity pure driving pleasure -  even without helmet duty.

techncal data  
engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine, air cooled
cubic capacity: 96 ccm
engine power: 6 kW / 8 PS
speed: ca. 80 km/h 
starter: electrical starter
gear unit: automatic (forward/backward), differential
fuel: unleaded fuel
tank volume: 4,4 l
fuel consumption: ca. 4 l / 100km
battery: maintenance free 12V - 4 Ah
ignition: electronical, maintenance free
brakes: front an rear drum brakes
tires: front 15x6,00-6, rear 16x6,50-8
permission: for 1 person (max. 90 kg - according to KFZ-Schein)
measurements: length: 210 cm / breadth: 113 cm / height 70cm
weight: net: 112 kg / maximum: 202 kg